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Srpanj 2009. - Hunt for a 980 golds Empty Srpanj 2009. - Hunt for a 980 golds

Postaj  doki1919 on 11/8/2009, 18:24

Good day to all ePolands Brothers and Sisters!

As i informed you all before, eCroatia stands ahead financial crisis, becaouse our kongres is overtaken by eSerbs and eHungaryans.

That issue has made us to play as family, without political or personal differences.

Now we had come to an idea to help our best standing newspapers come to a media mogul medals, and they are going to donate it to our nacional bank, so that our land get`s a little of financial backup.

I hope that you will see that we are hoping for humanitarian action of all our allias, and we are going to give all in our power to help back, in any issue.

Links to our bestseling newspapers are;

eHrvatski eTisak - 25 subscribes needed

AndyCro Novosti - 74 subscribes needed

Novo Doba - 90 subscribes needed

eWorld Trade Center - 99 subscribes needed

Black Devil - 99 subscribes needed

Novine Današnjice - 180 subscribes needed

Croatia Today - 220 subscribes needed

Shrotex newspapers - 250 subscribes needed

CALL OF DUTY - 470 subscribes needed

eCRO Revolution - 525 subscribes needed

Krizevacke Novine - 620 subscribes needed

Hrvatski Intervju List - 690 subscribes needed

Alpha & Omega - 700 subscribes needed

I have leave´d out company newspapers becaouse im not shure do they get media mogul medals.

Thanks in advance for all your help, and i am hoping that we can help your country in any issue that`s bothering you.

EDIT - I have recieved PM-s from ePolands Citizens named Wu70,CineQ, and as a humanitarian soul they gived link to theirs newspaper, and when they succeed to become Media Mogul, they will donate that gold to our Nacional Bank.
Thanks for your help Wu70 and CineQ !!

Newspaper link;
ePolska News

Gorace Wiadomosci

Live long free and prosper _\\//

eCroatian ambassador in ePoland

Branimir Vukadin


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