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Srpanj 2009. - One click on ad [UPDATED] Empty Srpanj 2009. - One click on ad [UPDATED]

Postaj  Dalibor on 22/9/2009, 00:40

I am (was) croatian congressman

Today I login and go read croatian newspapers

I see an ad and click on it

Change Gift Tax

And I see alert and I think you have a new law proposal is put on vote, or a new friend request

But nooooooo, I got this alert

dSoKre is no longer a congress member


Congress members do not clink on any ads, because some clever man want to be funny or want to ruin some countries.

This could be important to countries like Canada where was takeover attempt.

I don't think this is PEACE, Eden or Fortis action because I heard that congressmen from Italy (now west Croatia), Russia, Brazil, Mexico and Croatia lose congressmen because of this ad.

And I heard that admin will bring back the congress seats to those who have lost it in this way

Admin solved this problem today (in my case)

dSoKre is a congress member again


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Sorry about my bad english.

Don't cheat!!

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