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Postaj  moretousic on 24/1/2010, 08:11

Do or die

I would just like to clarify few things that were happening last days (from my and from most of the croatians perspective)

I would first like to say that we are extremely sorry for Romania losing Transilvania to Hungary, but Im also sad to see many of Romanians blaming it on Croatia.
When the war versus Slovenia started most of us thought it was for draining Serbian and Hungarian damage away from Romania, but we also knew that we had to eliminate Slovenia from the map. If we didnt Slovenia would attack us with having 5 mpp.s activated (Russia,Serbia,Hungary,Brazil,Argentina) , Serbia and Hungary would also launch offensive and Croatia would disappear from the world map, in the matter of days (we are surrounded by phoenix countries from almost every side)

Well at the end we did drew 2 600 000 (Serbia and Hungary combined) damage from Romania, but you also lost the region. The second country in damage for Croatian side in that war was USA, and lets remember you didnt have USA on your MPP list vs Hungary.
My opinion was that you would won the war if you had USA MPP (which you lost in Asia) and that you cant blame it on Croatia, in fact I consider that we couldnt do more for Romania then we did.
If you calculate the damage we drained away from Romania vs the damage we could do fighting for Romania its clear that more efficient way to help was draining the damage away (even tho i didnt participate in planing in any of these events)

But on the other hand I do fully understand your anger, why and how you may ask?

Well lets go in the past, remember when croatia was under hungarian TO for a month ?
When we lost 600 000 HRK ? when we lost hundreds of players due to laws that hungarians and serbs were voting in our congress ? when we had to abandon our country ?
When we were angry at allies we didnt write that we dont have friends, we declined hungarian blackmail and we fought for liberation of USA and Canada, altho we thought that we are doomed by that decision we did that for the sake of our allies.

But after all I think our future as friends and allies is bright. Days are coming when Hungary will pay for everything they done. Their domination is near end. Romania is strong as always, Poland will become very strong in the near future, USA is getting stronger and stronger, Croatia will benefit hugely by attack on Slovenia (remember nothing was happening in Croatia for 7-8 months just attacks on us, now during attacks on Slovenia we received 1000+ of new players that will surely keep playing the game, bcs something is happening in Croatia) , Spain is strong country with enormous resources. On the other side only country that is growing for PHOENIX is serbia.

Hungary, the clock is ticking, only thing that can save you is EDEN collapsing because of inner fights , question is will we save the Hungary ? Or will we strike the final nail into their coffin ?


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