Sijecanj 2009. - :: Welcoming new born Chil(d)e / Croatian experiences and advices ::

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Sijecanj 2009. - :: Welcoming new born Chil(d)e / Croatian experiences and advices :: Empty Sijecanj 2009. - :: Welcoming new born Chil(d)e / Croatian experiences and advices ::

Postaj  Johny Stulic on 18/4/2009, 22:13

:: Welcoming new born Chil(d)e / Croatian experiences and advices ::

Today we all welcome Chile as new added country into our eWorld. As President of Croatia, and one of leading people in creating Croatia month ago, I find myself experienced enough to give some advices that can not ben learned without having experience - few advices in how to make things easier, and mistakes we made in order to avoid those.

** Problems and possible solutions **

Croatia was created on 9.12. and at first day we experienced great problems. First problem was currency - we had great number of new registered players and we had to employ them somewhere, so we created few training companies to bare that number of players. Since only offer on monetary market was one made by admins - on 1 HRK = 0.1 Gold - we spent great amount of our personal gold to buy HRK and give people salaries on 1 HRK. Terrible, but it seemed the only way to do then.

There is solution, we realized few days after: Create a Lottery - first day. Sell lottery tickets for 25 CLP, and "pull" money from new players and forward it to your companies, in order to have enough money for skill 0 jobs. Of course, give prizes after few days, and make it fair. But this way you'll save great amount of your personall Gold (since you still don't have access to Treasury), and new players will be refunded through their salaries.

Also, try to get as many new players in game during first week. Citizen fee is very high, and by our experience - first 7 days money for citizen fee's was generated from eRepublik (maybe few days more, but first 7 for sure). In our case, monetary market was self made in two weeks with enough HRK generated to make HRK/Gold value on 0.02, without any interventions.

Problem comes after that period - until you will be able to lower citizen fee through Congress, money will come out from Treasury. We had over 500 people registered in that time before we managed to lower citizen fee, and 25000 HRK was pulled out of treasury - on highest citizen fee in eRepublik, like yours will be.

** Economy and takeovers **

Since i see you have good relation to Argentina, I suppose they will help you in start with economy, and will fill your market, especially food. For newbies, most important thing is Q2 food. If you won't have it from Argentina - gather 10 people with greatest manufacturing skill and start producing on lowest possible price - you will be feeding your "baby brothers" that way, and they will not lose wellness daily that way.

Skill 0 players - employ them mostly in RM companies. In start they produce very low, but there is no expense of raw materials and losses. Long termly - you have medium resources in wood/grain/iron, and you will need any good land skill worker as soon as possible to cover your manufacturing sector. Maybe you won't get 2000 people in week (I wish you do), and in that case, organize 5 old players/5 newbies in manufacturing/land companies, in order to cover their losses, and make good production.

Unite in only one party, and candidate only one person for Presidency. That way you will be united in order to protect your country from political takeover, which is fairly possible, since there is quite nice amount of money in it. For first elections you can't count on players who registered after 16.1., since they will not reach level to vote until 25.1.. Look for help in other countries if needed, Argentina is fairly close and friendly, by what I saw, and protect your country on first elections.

** Captain's log - supplemental **

There are many RL Chileans of Croatian origination, living as second, third and even higher generation, and being proud of their origins. Our grandfathers, and grand-grandfathers moved from Croatia, mainly our coast in South America in order to find new life, working in their mines and giving their contribution to building Chile back in 19th and in start of 20th century. eCroatians greet them all this way, and this way we are also trying to give small contribution to building new born country.

Interesting is that - there is also Palestinian community in Chile, if I recall correctly. Interesting because - in light of recent RL issues that happened during last few weeks, it gave me a thought that admins are not just a robotic, senseless guys behind eRepublic logo, and that maybe they have some sense for society and fairness... But it was just a thought:)

As representative of Croatian nation, I wish best luck to eChile in building your nation and society, and we sincerely hope you will be member of New world for long time!

Roby Petric
President of Croatia

P.S. Of course - vote for article (green button upper left), subscribe to my newspapers (grey button upper right), I wanna become media mogul also;)

Johny Stulic

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