Veljaca 2010- 60 days of my pure joy

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Veljaca 2010- 60 days of my pure joy Empty Veljaca 2010- 60 days of my pure joy

Postaj  faeran on 3/2/2010, 00:50

First I wanna say to my subscribers that they are reading 5th newspapers of eWorld with 8069 subscribers.

Thank you all for reading, voting and subscribing.

I hope that one day (or night) this newspaper will be 1st newspapers in all eWorld again.

I write every article in different country and today I published this article in Poland.

Today (day 805 of New World) I'll bring you interesting article about my last 60 days of pure joy.



For those who don't know I get temp ban because of my last article and my shout


This is the proof that I learn every day something new in eRepublik

I didn't know for 7th law of eRepublic Citizen law:

"The channel for contacting the eRepublik Team is the official contact form.

1. Any accusations or complaints brought to the eRepublik Team via a channel other than the official one is prohibited and will not be addressed.

2. Public debates are encouraged in the New World, however public debates and/or complaints regarding the eRepublik team's actions toward one citizen or a group of citizens will not be allowed. Only the eRepublik team has the necessary tools to determine if a citizen or group has made a violation, and public discussion only created to undermine the team's decision will not be permitted. "

I didn't know that I can't write the suggestions for a better eWorld.

I admit that my shout was silly and I will never again try to make this game better in my articles.

I worked every day from day 388 and day 801 of the new world, even when I was at holidays on Austria or seaside, I go to eRep just to work from my mobile or in cybercaffe but I won't do this mistakes again.


I pay every day for Napoleon, first days it was 5 gold, now is 1.8 gold per day.

I pay because I have companies and I earn more than 5 gold every day and I want be strong and closer to tanks like Rupetot or Durruti.


But I didn't closer to them, which is normal, because they are paying for Napoleon too. I can be closer to them only if they stop playing eRepublik.

In last 60 days I used weapons maybe in 5 battles most of them where was my county attacked. We all paying for Napoleon and then we don't have money for weapons!

Someone who doesn't have money for Napoleon every day, he spare for Napoleon and then again doesn't have money for weapons.

I have strength 23.78 and I can do 433 damage with Q5 weapon, but I never did.

Isn't that ironic?


What happened in last two months?

Prices of Q5 weapons in Romania


Price fall from 0.9 gold to 0.6 gold per Q5 weapon which is fall of 33% in two months!

Prices of Q5 houses in Serbia


Price fall from 38 gold to 27 gold per Q5 house which is fall of 29% in two months!

This is happening in whole eWorld, how prices are falling down and salaries are falling down too!


World stock of Q1 weapon in the eWorld


In 60 days world stock rises from 600.000 to over 1.000.000 Q1 weapons!!

World stock of Q3 weapon in the eWorld


In 60 days world stock rises from 70.000 to over 100.000 Q3 weapons!!

World stock of Q5 weapon in the eWorld


In 60 days world stock rises from 60.000 to over 120.000 Q5 weapons!!

It would be normal that is shortage of weapon becouse of baby booms in eWorld in last 60 days:


In last 60 days eRepublik population rises by 50%!!


Let's see why prices and salaries are fallen down...

My friend Bogdan_L has great newspapers and almost every day he writes great statistics.

In his article you can see that Romanian players spent over 720 gold on something in one day!!!

If we know that eWorld have 385000 citizens which is 24 times more than Romanian citizens:

Citizens of eWorld are spending every day on something over 17280 gold !!!

That is over 500.000 gold in one month!!!


What we can do with 17280 gold?

- buy 28800 Q5 weapons

- buy 115200 Q5 food

- buy 640 Q5 houses

- buy 172800 Q1 weapons

- buy 445500 Q1 gifts

- buy 100000 Q1 moving tickets

- buy 1150000 Q1 food

- buy 8640 wellness packs (40 wellness packs for 216 tanks every day)

- attack Slavonia 18 times

- attack Liaoning 65 times

- attack Muntenia 13 times

- attack Hello Kitty 11 times

- attack Little Poland 7 times


For the new players, school of eRepublik laws from Wiki:

"Freedom of press is absolute" as long as the content is respecting the other eRepublik Laws

There is a distinction between disagreements and insults. Ironic content and propaganda will not be considered as an attempt to insult other citizens.

Receiving Forfeit Points

If a citizen violates the eRepublik laws, then they will be penalized, taking into consideration the crime's severity and the citizen's history. If it is a minor, first-time offense, they may receive a warning.


Everything is perfect in eRepublik world, eRepublik is utopia!



If you want help shout this:

If this article get 10k votes, I'll buy Q1 weapon Vote & Shout!!!




If you like what I'm writing, please subscribe and check some of my past articles:

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Sorry about my bad english.

Don't cheat!!

Remember, this is a game.

Proud to be eCroat.



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