Ozujak 2010. - World Field Marshal's data - in depth analysis

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Ozujak 2010. - World Field Marshal's data - in depth analysis Empty Ozujak 2010. - World Field Marshal's data - in depth analysis

Postaj  tajnoime on 17/3/2010, 22:09

- ERepublik have 8447 FM's which have wellness more then 40% which are taken in this analysis that's means they are able to fight. Others are banned, death, or dieing.

- At this table You can see real power of countries focused on strongest players with rank Field Marshals. Same or almost same numbers pattern You can expect on other ranks.


- Country population is FM which live in same country which citizenship they have.
- Number of those FM's.
- Immigration are FM's which live in some country and have different citizenship.
- Emigration are FM's which live out of their native country.

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☑️ Real eNational FM's power !

- Usually in fight expecting that all FM's will fight which are resident in some country and have same citizenship, also in some countries are a lot immigration which will also fight for resident country. In case when MPP works, people which are emigrants will fight for their country. So You have all relevant data for some comparison.

- In analysis was taken only FM's which have wellness more then 40 %, meant they are able to fight. Out of this analysis are FM's which have wellness less then 40%, means they dieing or they are banned.

- Also in damage calculation I assume that each FM start to fight from 100% wellness and will fight 5 times.

- There is data from top 30 countries.

- As You can see Hungary is much stronger then we expect and countries which own high regions such as: Russia, USA, Spain, Greece, Brazil and so on.

- But holding high regions does not mean that You will have high number of immigrants. Serbia is example how Serbians staying in Russia despite moving in new Serbian high iron region.

- And for example Peru have high iron region but have citizens with Peruvian citizenship all around EDEN countries. It is about strategic situation and strategic position in the world.

- Belgium is example of high important strategic country which do not have enough own natives. But big number of citizenship guarantee that those FM's will defend it.

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☑️ FM's Max Hit by clubs then by eNations !


- First column is Max Hit club, they are 600 club, 500 club and respectively down...
- Second column is number of FM's in particular club.
- Third column is citizenship of those FM's

- Interesting is that we can find out from that table which eNation are oldest, also we can see demographic pyramid by clubs.

- You can see which nations and where have baby booms watching baby boom wave. And You can see which eNation have better future.

- What I can see from clubs 600 & 500 is that is Sweden oldest eNation, then Romania, Spain, Indonesia, Hungary.

- From club 400 You can see real power because of numbers of FM's. Romania, Hungary, Indonesia, Spain, USA, Poland, Croatia etc.

- From club 300 You can see big wave of Hungarian baby boom and some of waves traditionally strongest ER nations such as Romania, Poland, Serbia, Croatia etc...

- From 200 Club we can see how long was Hungarian baby boom, Polish baby boom & Serbian baby boom. Three nations which have future guaranteed !

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☑️ FM's Max Hit by eNations, then by clubs !

- In this table You can see FM's distributions 30 top nations by citizenship, club, then max hit.

- Colors are chosen by alliances, neutrality.

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☑️ FM's Max Hit clubs.

- Here is distribution from all citizenship's, all FM's with wellness more then 40%.

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☑️ FM's by wellness.

- Here is distribution from all citizenship's, all FM's.

- A lot FM's use house to gain extra wellness, so there is a lot of them with wellness about 50%.

- But about 10% are actually in very bad shape or dieing, death or banned.

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☑️ FM list who can strike more then 600 !

- At the end here is list strongest world FM's.


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