Veljaca 2010 . - Do you know how much your country earn every day from you?

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Veljaca 2010 . - Do you know how much your country earn every day from you? Empty Veljaca 2010 . - Do you know how much your country earn every day from you?

Postaj  tajnoime on 19/3/2010, 02:32

First I wanna say to my subscribers that they are reading 5th newspapers of eWorld with 8736 subscribers.

Thank you all for reading, voting and subscribing.

I hope that one day (or night) this newspaper will be 1st newspapers in all eWorld again.

I write every article in different country and today I published this article in USA.

Today (day 818 of New World) I'll bring you interesting statistic about countries who are largest tax collectors of the eWorld.

Do you know how much your country earn every day from you?

How do I gather information for my article?

Pretty simple, I take info about every country's treasury (only local currency) @ day 817 at 14:40 eRepublik time and again after 24 hours.

I take information about local currencies only because the most of the taxes earned by countries are in local currencies and really low in gold, and in gold would be a lot of anomalies becouse of MPPs.

I have checked if there were any donations made, money issued or constructions bought and took that into the consideration.

I checked how much the local currency was worth in gold.

I took into the consideration all the new citizens on that day multiplied with the citizen fee of that country.

Taxes earned in 24 hours converted into gold @ day 818 of the eWorld:

USA is largest tax collector in the eWorld and USA earns over 946 gold every day from taxes!

Hungary is second one and Hungary earns over 693 gold every day from taxes!

Countries that earns more than 200 gold per day are Poland, Serbia, Spain, Russia, Romania and Croatia.

It is interesting that 3 months ago Hungary was largest tax collector of the World with 527 gold per day and USA was second one with 460 gold per day but many things happen in last 3 months.

We can see that EDEN has more than 28000 people more than PHOENIX and EDEN counties earn over 450 gold per day more than PHOENIX countries.

That is over 13500 gold per month more than PHOENIX countries!!

But gold isn't everything in this game, money managment of the gold is the important too!

And this numbers can change every day with win/lose of one important region!

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Sorry about my bad english.

Don't cheat!!

Remember, this is a game.



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