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Ozujak 2010. - Easy gold? Empty Ozujak 2010. - Easy gold?

Postaj  tajnoime on 19/3/2010, 02:34

This is my view how to earn some easy gold with the new module

You could already read in eRepublik insider that "some industries are gone. We assure you that you don't need to worry for your business in gift/diamonds/wood industry. You will not lose your investment, it will be converted."

Diamonds and wood 100% won't be in new module.

In new module will be new raw material titanium (for weapon industry = rifles, tanks, artillery, helicopters) and maybe they convert all iron companies to titanium companies because of very important high iron regions in eWorld (this is only my opinion)

And you could read that in new module won't be gifts.

This means if you see cheap wood, diamonds gift (and maybe iron) company buy it and probably your invested will be refunded with gold.

Probably you'll get 20 gold for Q1, 40 gold for Q2, 90 gold for Q3, 190 gold for Q4 and 390 gold for Q5 company and + for licences in that companies.

Maybe they will refund only the amount that you had to spend while buying company from market. To avoid that you should resell company to yourself for couple of hundreds of gold Very Happy

In this article of eRepublik insider you could read one more addition: the “dissolve company” button. That means that you could delete company and get for that 10 gold. This means, if you found some company for sale for less than 10 gold, you'll profit. (Some raw companies were open in some regions without that raw material and they were at sale for 5-10 gold)

I'm happy for this addition because I was writing about this 8 months ago.

I think that prices in new module will be very high. Maybe even couple of times higher than now because workers will be paid by productivity and that means higher salaries.

Maybe every company owner will automatically pay taxes with new module, because we know that 70% economical module will be new.

Today, salaries are very low, prices are very low, my advice: if you want easy gold, stock the goods produced and sell it in new module Very Happy

But beware: in new module, the products will come with the expiration date. I hope, however, the expiration "time-bomb" would start to tick as soon the merchandise is transferred to the buyer's inventory.

I already see many wood companies below their real price, buy it and earn some gold!!

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Sorry about my bad english.

Don't cheat!!

Remember, this is a game.



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