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Ožujak 2010. - China a mystery Empty Ožujak 2010. - China a mystery

Postaj  tajnoime on 28/3/2010, 19:45

First off all greeting for all of you and a big thank you for coming to Croatia in our attempt to reach Asia and free your regions from PHOENIX occupation.

Now some other things that bothers me, we all see and know that China is under PHOENIX occupation, we all see that China has a rising military power with more and more active population, we all see that you tried to help Croatia to reach Asia, but in my opinion your primary goal needs to be to hurt Phoenix in every way possible in every part of the globe, in every battle in every PTO or ATO operation.

Lets take an example, yesterday EDEN was trying to liberate South Africa from PHOENIX occupation
Chines damage would made a huge difference and it would provide a beacon of light for South Africa and their fight for freedom which they share with you.

Now PHOENIX players will tell you that this is propaganda , but is it ? By hurting phoenix in

a)high regions which they occupy
b)countries which they TO or which they use for blocking
c)whole countries which they occupy

you are closer to your freedom, as you see the logic is simple, weaker the PHOENIX - stronger are your chances to free your regions. Guess what, the money which they earn in South African high region is going directly to fund PHOENIX/Argentina/Brazil soldiers, thus directly helping their occupation of China...

Same goes to Chines region under occupation , the money they earn in your occupied region directly goes to help them occupy South Africa and other part of the world.

Im just stating what would i do in Chinese place, i would fight PHOENIX in every way possible, every defeat of my occupiers would be another win for me and another step closer to the freedom of my nation .

Here in Croatia and i believe in most of the EDEN nations we see a great future for your nation, a future where we will fight back and free your and every else PHOENIX occupied region, but too reach that goal we need to work together constantly, not just only when our own country is in question.



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