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Postaj  tajnoime on 13/4/2010, 21:06

(a title is reference to certain individual in USA)

As you can see in this article, the person who was doing everything in its power to divide EDEN and to take USA out of it strikes again. It doesnt surprise anyone who watched his moves closely, his whole term was one sabotage, in new article he even lies about South Africa and EDEN selling it (while in fact everyone was so eager to free more SA regions, and not everyone was aware of plan to capture just one region, everything was happening in the matter of few minute, and everything was solved) how low can you go with your anti EDEN propaganda ?

A sabotage of our common past and future in this game. I remember when Spain sacrificed its whole country to help USA, I remember when Croatia was under TO and Hungary blackmailed us not to sign MPP.s with USA and Canada (it was during your occupation) otherwise they will destroy Croatia, did we switched sides, did we leave USA, Canada and EDEN ?

My message to hungarians then -

" so we should betray our allies so you can conquer them more easily ?
we will rebuild everything you destroy , we are already fighting against you, each and every day, you wanna stop our part of dmg in those battles? remember you will also need to pay for the attacks on croatia, if nothing else we will help usa and canada by wasting your gold on already robed country"

I remember when we freed USA and Canada, I also remember when USA helped us with Hungarians/PEACE (that tried to carry out their punishment for refusing blackmail) attacking us with everything they got, we thought everything was lost but during our night USA and Canada raised the wall up so we stood a chance in the morning.... I could go on like this forever...

where were you then mr. pig ?

This is not an article against USA, this is the article against your obviously anti-EDEN administration.

There are those countries who forget friends, who switch sides and who are easily manipulated, I never thought USA will be one of them. I know not all of you share his views, I know that many of you are new players who didnt even witness these events, and I know this article wont be voted from PHOENIX like all the other anti-EDEN ones in USA newspapers, but open your eyes and think twice before losing tens of thousands of friends for one guys personal grudge against EDEN.

hail EDEN


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