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Postaj  tajnoime on 14/4/2010, 10:25

Let me start this article by congratulating Woxan on his victory. I hope that eUS citizens have made a right choice. Also, I would like to apologize for taking the liberty of using Your country's motto as the title of this article, but I think that we should all keep it mind now more then ever.

„Out of many, one“ – indeed true wisdom lies in those words, wisdom that can do us all a lot of good. I know that my words arrive to You maybe late, but I was waiting for very end of US – EDEN negotiations hoping (maybe foolishly) that everything will be sorted out in the end. I was present on those crucial EDEN meetings and i assure You that I saw nothing but good will from all EDEN members to find a solution and keeping the eUS in the Brotherhood.

Sadly, the enemy propaganda played its part very well in this story and made some minor tensions between EDEN members grew big. As the eRomanian MoFA Crista22 wrote in hers article, and EDEN's SC avec in his, we were all very cunningly manipulated by Phoenix media trolls. I'm not that naive to claim that EDEN is a perfect alliance, but I'm sure that all our differences could have been solved if it wasn't for all those newspaper articles.
I can't speak for other countries but it is my personal opinion that we still can find a way to collaborate with each other.

However, I CAN speak in the name of eCroatia Government and our whole nation. And this is what I want tell You.

You still can count on eCroatia's friendship and we hope that we can count on Yours. I admit we were disappointed with the unfortunate turn of the events in the infamous battle of Prekmurje, Slovenia, but we have put that behind us. Yes our people were mad, and yes there were a lot of ugly articles and comments, but that lasted for a day. We all were very sad to see You leave EDEN, but it was Yours decision to make and we respect it. Again, some of our more eager citizens felt the need to point out that it was a mistake, but i'm sure that it was the result of a temporary disappointment. eCroatia will remain a full member of EDEN, because our nation demands that. The fact that we don't pay the membership to same alliance anymore shouldn't, and i hope it won't, destroy our relationship that was always outstanding.

Our two countries are tied together with very strong bonds. I won't make the list of all the battles we fought together, but I'll say just this: if someone was to make a list of pros and cons for our friendship we all know that pros would beat cons and without a fight Smile .

I wrote this both from my mind and hearth. I hope that You understand that and we can still be friends for a long time.

In the name of eCroatian Government and whole eCroatian nation

srdant, MoFA


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