Travanj 2010. - USA ,So, where next?

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Travanj 2010. - USA ,So, where next? Empty Travanj 2010. - USA ,So, where next?

Postaj  tajnoime on 21/4/2010, 00:45

Neutrality (international relations) A neutral country, in a particular war, is a sovereign state which declares itself to be neutral towards the belligerents.

Now that's sounds rely boring.
War game without real wars.

USA alone cannot liberate occupied country's by phoenix, it will be expensive and a lot harder.

No cooperation with Eden means less action, less action means boring game = players leaving

I remember USA before peace invasion. It woes sleeping giant.
Little action and mostly politics and economy in media.
Way go back there?

Then it happened peace attack and everything change for better, USA players follow orders and fight rely hard every day.

Anyway i respect yours wishes and your decision to go neutral, and will be there if somebody attack US, butt please don't go back to sleep.

Because you r not giant any more (most populated country like back then) and if you don't keep r players at the edge with constant fighting USA will be week and i don't wont to see that!

Plus this is not so good for economy, USA exports lots of raw materials for other Eden country's
And everybody likes to buy from ally to help his economy,

I my self newer did buy raw for my company's from country's that r not in Eden.
So i expect falling of prices of raw materials in USA, not much butt little.

Greetings from Croatia!
sorry for my bad English


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