Travanj 2010. - My way from 1 to 12000 subscribers

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Travanj 2010. - My way from 1 to 12000 subscribers Empty Travanj 2010. - My way from 1 to 12000 subscribers

Postaj  tajnoime on 26/4/2010, 21:19

First I wanna say to my subscribers that they are reading 3rd newspapers of eWorld with 12019 subscribers.

Thank you all for reading, voting and subscribing.

I hope that one day (or night) this newspaper will be 1st newspapers in all eWorld again.

I write every article in different country and today I published this article in Croatia.

Today (day 888 of New World) I'll bring you interesting article of my way from 1 to 12000 subscribers.

Yesterday I celebrated my 500 days in eRepublik and I want to share with my readers how they can reach 12000 subscribers if they want.

I wrote 81 articles in last 475 days and they together had over 63000 votes. \o/

When I started this newspapers I wanted to be Media Mogul and I thought that will be very easy.

In my homeland, Croatia, there was only 500 active citizens when I start, and because of that, I was writing in english and published my articles in different countries to promote my newspapers in whole eWorld.

I named my newspapers eWorld Trade Centar because then wasn't any tools like ereptools where you can see cheapest products in eWorld updated every minute, I was planning sharing prices of every product in gold and helping eCitizens with good information and save their time and gold

When I started to write I didn't know to insert picture, but every day we learn something new and today I know many many things for customization of the article.

You can see from the table that I reach Media Mogul Medal with my 26th article!

If you are writing only because to get easy gold, don't even start to write, because it doesn't worth.

When I become Media Mogul, then was only 7 Media Moguls in eWorld. Today there is over 1100 Media Moguls in eWorld.

My favorite 5 articles:

Cheapest way to maintain your wellness at 100

Income from taxes (couple of articles)

How much cost to become Field Marshall? (couple of articles)

Active Citizens (Voters) of the eWorld (couple of articles)

Everyday someone ask me if they can translate some of my article to their native language, every citizen can copy anything from my article and publish in their own newspapers as long they put link to my original article!

I don't have best newspapers in eWorld, there are many excellent journalist and great newspapers in the eWorld, and it's only matter of time when they'll catch me. Respect to you all!


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