Svibanj 2010. - Which region will fall next?

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Svibanj 2010. - Which region will fall next? Empty Svibanj 2010. - Which region will fall next?

Postaj  tajnoime on 12/6/2010, 21:49

eSentinel, Broj 27., Dan 893.

Rhone Alps

Defeat that we turned into victory!

High wood region that was base of Polish economy. Lost in biggest fight ever, reconquered next day by Spain.

Slovenia and Phoenix FAILED!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Western Australia

Justice is slow but reachable!

High diamond (titanium) region that was conquered by Indonesia unfairly and due to bug in game. Few days ago justice has been done and Australia has regained control over this region.

Indonesia and Phoenix FAILED!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Hello Kitty

Caught on the wrong foot!

High iron region that was under Hungarian control for long time. Base and symbol of Hungarian power and economy. Everything was done in just 8 minutes.

Hungary, Serbia and Phoenix FAILED!

And which region will fall next?
Liaoning? Limpopo? North of Brazil?

Phoenix be afraid, be very afraid! Smile)
And you should be.
Learn from the past...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

EDEN is coming! Smile


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