Travanj - 2009. - dani36 for Romanian president

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Travanj - 2009. - dani36 for Romanian president Empty Travanj - 2009. - dani36 for Romanian president

Postaj  Johny Stulic on 18/4/2009, 23:32

dani36 for Romanian president

Dear citizens of Romania!

In Sunday you are choosing between several candidates for Romanian president. I must say that for last couple of days there have been several important discussions between me and dani36 about future of alliance between Croatia and Romania and we come to this conclusion: If we both win on this elections, Romania and Croatia will improve current relationship and we will strengthen our connection in ATLANTIS, the most important alliance in the New World.

So I hope that all Romanian Citizens will go to Sunday elections and that they will vote for dani36 - click for Dani36's Presentation!

Croatian presidential candidate.

Johny Stulic

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