Svibanj 2009 - Upgrading gift companies - Is it worth it? REPOST

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Svibanj 2009 - Upgrading gift companies - Is it worth it? REPOST Empty Svibanj 2009 - Upgrading gift companies - Is it worth it? REPOST

Postaj  gjuro on 5/6/2009, 21:57

First I wanna say to my readers this is my second Repost, sorry I am laisy (and I started to work in RL), this one of the best articles I wrote, and I think it can help many players.

Second I wanna say to my subscribers that they are reading 7th newspapers of eWorld with 1951 subscribers.
Thank all for reading, voting and subscribing.

I hope that one day (or night) this newspaper will be 1st newspapers in all eWorld to reach 5000 subscribers.

Today I bring you one analysis. Is it worth to upgrade gift companies?

I publish his conclusion becouse I think it would help many people around eWorld

Productivity formula

W = 1/2 * A * B * C * D * E * F


W = Total Productivity Points
A = Skill Multiplier
B = Employee Multiplier
C = Wellness Multiplier
D = Regional Bonus Multiplier
E = Trivia Multiplier
F = Company Quality Multiplier

For my statistic I use this parameters:

A= skill= 4.5
B= employee multiplier = 2 (10 employers)
C= wellness multiplier = 2.6 (wellness = 80)
D= 1
E= trivia multiplier = 1.5 (when admins replace trivia, bonus will be 50%)
F= company quality mult.= *this is a parameter we are looking at so it will be a variable

Salary for skill 4 worker = 7 HRK = 70 HRK for 10 employers in Q1 company

Prices of gifts Q1 = 3 HRK

Prices of diamonds Q1 = 0.8 HRK

For Q2 company I use salary + 0.5 HRK - becose of quality of company workers loose 1 wellness more and they have a little bigger salaries


Click on picture to see bigger picture.

We know that 1 Q1 gift = +1 wellness and 1 Q5 gift = +5 wellness

Becouse of that price of Q5 gift can't be bigger that 5 Q1 gifts, becouse nobody will buy that expensive Q5 gift.

In table you can see that with higher quality of company, profit is lower than Q1 company!!

Conclusion: Don't upgrade. Economically it's not worth it and your workers will lose more wellness and you will need to spend money on upgrades.

For creating Q5 gift company you'll spend 390 GOLD.

For that money you can create a lot Q1 companies and a lot more profit than Q5 gift company!!

If you already have gift company with higher quality than Q1 consider downgrading.

Comment, vote, subscribe and help me to help you.

Vote & Subscribe.

Sorry about my bad english.



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