Lipanj 2009 - Cheaters of eWorld - PLEASE STOP CHEATING !!!

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Lipanj 2009 - Cheaters of eWorld - PLEASE STOP CHEATING !!! Empty Lipanj 2009 - Cheaters of eWorld - PLEASE STOP CHEATING !!!

Postaj  gjuro on 5/6/2009, 22:00

Every day I hear that some eCitizen account is hacked.

Before that almost every day I can read about gold bug, weapon bug or avatar bug.

I know that admins aren't supermen, they can't fix everything in couple of hours, and becouse of that, stop exploit bugs of this excellent game that we all love to play.

This is message to all cheaters and hackers - PLEASE STOP CHEATING!!!

You will ruin this game!

eCitizens are leaving game becouse of this, if you continue to cheating and hacking every day, soon will remain only cheaters and hackers in eWorld.

I know that maybe hackers when see this article will try to hack my account, but if you want that I and most eCitizens to keep playing this game, I hope you won't do that.

It does not matter your nationality or language you are speaking, or your county is in Peace or Atlantis or some other alliance, I begging you, please STOP cheating!!!

Please VOTE and SUBSCRIBE that everyone can see this, let's make this international article.

Sorry about my bad english.


STOP Cheating!!!



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