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Prosinac 2009 - Interview with your president - Jewitt

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Prosinac 2009 - Interview with your president - Jewitt Empty Prosinac 2009 - Interview with your president - Jewitt

Postaj  Zerocool12 26/12/2009, 03:19

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Interview with your president - Jewitt
Comment-newspaper 4 comments 7 days ago

Hello my dear friends. I am journalist from eCroatia. This interview was done before ten days, but I was busy until now. So now I publish it.

Tell us something about your elife.
Well, I am Jewitt and I like to see myself as being a networker. I've always seen this game as a Facebook with guns and congress Very Happy This is why I've pushed to be on good terms with a lot of people.

You have put goals. Can you explain how will you complete it?
The goals actually were there as a joke - I never expected to win but only obtain #2 place in case the winner (Josh Frost) had to be impeached.

What do you think about ex-president of eUSA?
Josh Frost is an awesome guy, and I really like him. He did amazing work, and I hope to continue that.

Is there any thing you would like to change that ex-president done bad?
Not really for Frost, but many of our previous Presidents (Benn Dover, Uncle Sam) did many things the Americans never liked - and those things are used against us to this day.

What do you think about new rules about MPP? How will you hadle that expenses?
We have already worked out a way to pay for these. Sure, it means less funding to other places, but it is the price we have to pay.

What will happen next with war alliances in your opinion?
I feel that we are actually in a cold war, with an occasional major battle and very few minor brush fires. The main powers are EDEN / Pheonix, and it may remain that way for some time.

What do you think of eCroatia?
I personally love eCroatia. I jokingly call it "Broatia" as a pun for the Brolliance. After their showing our defense, Croatia has shown it is a loyal, strong, and amazing ally. Many countries sent armies. Croatia sent their nation.

Where do you see eUSA in about six months?
Hopefully with no less than 51 regions Very Happy

Do you know what is ZDRUG?
Only a blind man could not see. Those checkered avatars flying across the battle field leaves a lasting impression!

Would you like to say something to eAmericans?
Nothing I haven't said before. "Let's have fun, and let's make sure we win a few!"

That would be all. Thank you for your time. And thanks to Jewitt.
If you have time, read some of my older interviews
Interview with folker
Interview with Che Greco
Thank you for reading.

Plese Tomislav


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