Travanj 2010. - New News from Austria Lower Austria , Ivana Marich, Baby Boom and our Ministry's

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Travanj 2010. - New News from Austria Lower Austria , Ivana Marich, Baby Boom and our Ministry's Empty Travanj 2010. - New News from Austria Lower Austria , Ivana Marich, Baby Boom and our Ministry's

Postaj  tajnoime on 8/5/2010, 18:10

Today i have to talk about eight points
every time more and more lol but 2-3 points would be the same

1. Lower Austria Resistance War
2. Austrian Army
3. Pro Patria Österreich
4. Ministry of Health
5. Ivana Marich my Girl Friend
6. Ministry of Labour (MOL)
7. How to join in eAustrian Chat
8. Baby Boom

1. Lower Austria Resistance War

My first Gratulate is going to Alfred Ball begin_of_the_skype_highlighting end_ of_the_skype_highlighting you are really a Battle Hero , For all that no know that Alfred is the battle Hero of Lower Austria fight against Slovenia.
For all that do not know Croats start a Resistance War in Lower Austria to give Austria there High Grain Region back.The Austrian Army sended a lot of Soldiers to fight for RED first the Slovenian Order was to fight green as they have seen that they do not will win the Battle they change to RED side now we have Lower Austria Back Hail to the Fighters.
I hope that in the next days maybe today we will start RW in Carinthia to become back our 7th Region and than we only need Burgenland and then we are complete.

Pro Patria Paratus

Here ist the Link of the fightResistance WAR Lower Austria


Read every day on the MOD orders updates for the current day :
All Informations are in this Article

2. Austrian Army

Yesterday started a entlist for the Austrian Citizen here the link for the Newspaper

Who should enlist?
That's the most important part.
EVERY citizen should enlist.
Also those who don't need free weapons, join, it is important for coordination and thus for the success of our country!
It's free – so why should you not enlist?

So Austrian Citizen go to the Article say to PrinceofAustria that you would be a Soldier your benefit is you become Tickets and Weapons for fight and you do something for your Country and unity of it.

Also i would tendering for Austrian Army Avatar if you are good in making Avatars then please tell me make a proposal and i would pay it

3. Pro Patria Österreich

My Party only need two more members Very Happy than i can run under the top 5 parties to congress. If you want to run as Congressman come and join Pro Patria.

If you have no party and dont know where you would join come and join Pro Patria Österreich
Here is a short article about Pro Patria and their Program

4. Ministry of Health

Our Ministry of Healt OeBernd do his Work very good Here you can Read about it if you need any Gifts or Food than Quest him he would give you something to help you to become better and strenghter.

5. Ivana Marich my Girlfriend now in Austria exclusive

Three Months ago i was at my girlfriend in her apartment i thought why she isnt playing erepublik i told to her how to play and other things buyed her a q3 House and helped her to understand the first steps. Now she said that he want to travel all over the World to see many Countries her first stop is Austria she would go to Congres over the NFA in Voralberg thx to ALfred Ball that support Ivana.

Statemant from Ivana Marich :

It`s all started when Djani forced me to play erepublik so that he can get 5 golds.But, playing it every day and listening Djani talking about game and his adventures its started to liked me a lot and then I decided to have more interested about the game and what everything this game I am now in Austria and I hope that I will get into the Kongres and help my love to become a president!

Sincerely, Ivana

Say all Hallo to her Very Happy
Ivana Marich profile
Ivana Marich profile

6. Ministry of Labour (MOL)

Last days the Ministry of Labour with Penegrin as Ministry has started to work there are every time statistics about Austrian Workers, ATS and other Economical things

Here you can read little from the MOL :
Workplace eAustria on day 883

MOL has now Those five companies:
- Austrian State Food
- Austrian State Weapons
- Austrian State Gifts
- Austrian State Grain
- Voest Alpine

That are all State Firms what are used to give jobs to new players or other older player.

7. How to join to eAustrian Chat

In the following Article you can read about Tutorial how to join to eAUstrian chat : How to join eAustrian Chat

8. Baby Boom


So first i would talk about the Prince of Baby Boom he invited from Netlog more than 100 Members i am proud of it if we show at the Sociaty picture below we can see that we have now more than 500 Citizen that is nice really nice .


I would not stop the Programm to invite more and more people in the group in Facebook the name of the group is eÖsterreich das stärkste Land in der Welt. I am proud about the group and many people that has come to erepublik the problem is that only little people come about my link but i hope they would in the near future become lvl 7 than i would donate to AUstrian central Bank the money
The facebook group has 132member invite all your friend from facebook here you can see the picture :

So repeat from my last text please read it do the points and vote the text.

In the last days i am working hard to become ideas about the new Baby Boom.
I have last time in the newspaper read that more than 1 million people in Austria use Facebook, and than i become the idea that Facebook is the perfect media to enlarge story about erepublik and eAustria. First i will say that i will give from every man that register to erepublik over my Link and come to Lvl 6 i would pay 2 gold to the ACB. I have maked a fan page with the name eÖsterreich das stärkste Land in der Welt what mean eAustria the strenghest Land in the World.

Now i need from our existing Austrian people only one MINUT and your Facebook Profil not more !!!

1. Go to the following Fan page
2. Klick on "become Fan".
3. Klick now on "suggest to Friends".
4. Now when the list ist open you should copy the following link in the adress bar where you writte the link from a web page like etc..:

javascript:elms=document.getElementById('friends').getElementsByTagName('li');for(var fid in elms){if(typeof elms[fid] === 'object'){[fid]);}}

it looks like them :
5. Now Klick on enter

6. After all friends are marked blue klick on "send invitations"

With this method you have invited all friends to become fan of eÖsterreich das stärkste Land in der Welt. I would there often send invitations Link to Erepublik and hope that a lot of people would come to the game and help us to become Austria bigger and bigger. I would from every player that come to the level 6 donate to ACB 2 Gold. and from every Medal 3 Gold.

I will not to become only a vote i need the people that would invite people to the game if you not wanna help me than dont give me a vote. I hope the project would success.

I think that this is not a problem for everybody to do the six steps, the time is come to make a action like this.
Come guy's lets go to facebook invite our friends and help eAustria ...!!!

P.S. it would be good that every body read about erepublik anything on the fanpage but dont spam only with our refferal links.


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