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Lipanj 2010. - Croatian coat of arms (through the history)

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Lipanj 2010. - Croatian coat of arms (through the history) Empty Lipanj 2010. - Croatian coat of arms (through the history)

Postaj  tajnoime 5/6/2010, 18:39

update : the open letter is deleted, so are countless other articles demanding justice in this case, it seems that players with Croatian historic coats of arms are unbanned atm, but this is not the first nor the last time we are being oppressed by certain player-moderators, investigation and punishment must be in order, we the players pay the price for our sins so should players-moderators

Im forced to write this article since dozens of Croatian players are being banned for usage of historical Croatian coat of arms/flag. I myself could be banned because of this since I already have FP.s but I would rather be banned then quiet about this.
For the record, Serbians had same article like this one when their coat of arms was briefly banned, article wasnt deleted, author didnt receive ban, they had support from most of the croats and they can use their historical coat of arms now.

As any other nation in erepublik we have our rights, and if every other nation can display their national symbols and be proud of it so can we (or at least we should be able ? )

Our players are being banned since they have first field on our coat of arms colored white, they claim that represents nazi regime that was active in Croatia in the past (1941-1945)
This is the flag/coat of arms used by that regime, you will notice its first field is white, but also notice (in comparation to other croatian historical flags that I will show you later) this one have letter "U"

Now when you know how forbidden flag look (letter U top left corner is what identify it from other croatian historical flags)

We are collecting money for baby boom, and there will be articles in our RL newspapers and media about erepublik, dont let our new players see this happening, look at any historical website or book and you will see that we speak the truth and that first field on our coat of arms have nothing to do with Nazi regime...

List of people banned for displaying coat of arms (which we know of)


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