Prosinac 2009. - Holidays in eRepublik? [Merry Christmas!]

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Prosinac 2009. - Holidays in eRepublik? [Merry Christmas!] Empty Prosinac 2009. - Holidays in eRepublik? [Merry Christmas!]

Postaj  moretousic on 9/1/2010, 00:30

Holidays in eRepublik? [Merry Christmas!]


Almost all of you know that tommorrow is Christmas in Real Life.

And tommorrow you'll see many articles in many countries about Christmas.

Unfortunately, that articles will be SPAM.

Because every article that isn't related to eRepublik is SPAM.

Wouldn't it be great if we have holidays in eRepublik?


I respect all nationalities and religions in RL and if admin put from couple of religions some mayor feast and some national holidays (many of them are overlap) we'll have around 20 holidays in eRepublik (of course here is in and eRepublik birthday) .

Workers in eRepublik work in eRepublik every day for same salary and if we have holidays admin could double their productivity (opposite from RL) and automaticly double their salaries on holiday.

Wouldn't that be great?


And bonus:

I just now saw some screenshots that leaked from eRepublik team showing the new module and I if some of you aren't see them I must share it with you:

Click on picture for better resolution

Click on picture for better resolution

Admins, I hope these are authentic screenshots, because this looks great!!

Keep up the good work!



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