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Ožujak 2010. - eRepX Stock Exchange Empty Ožujak 2010. - eRepX Stock Exchange

Postaj  tajnoime on 28/3/2010, 22:18

First I wanna say to my subscribers that they are reading 4th newspapers of eWorld with 10072 subscribers.

Thank you all for reading, voting and subscribing.

I hope that one day (or night) this newspaper will be 1st newspapers in all eWorld again.

I write every article in different country and today I published this article in USA.

Today (day 852 of New World) I'll bring you an article about eRepX Stock Exchange.

Dear eWorld Trade Centar Readers,

Have you heard about the eRepX Stock Exchange?

It is an upcoming stock exchange project, the planned release date is April 1st, 2010.

Corporations will be able to issue shares of their company, or companies, to investors. These investors can then trade these shares among each other using eRepublik gold. The success of this project will revolutionize the economic capabilities of eRepublik.

The site has a very easy-to-use interface, so anyone can join in. I encourage all my readers to visit the following links to learn about and join the eRepX Stock Exchange.

The administrative team of this project is hosting a Press Conference on IRC (#erepx on Rizon). The conference will be in voice-only mode, thus only recognized people have the ability to ask questions. If you run a newspaper, RSVP with 'alexander_levi@erepx.com' with your newspaper name and your interest in asking questions.

You will get a quick response authenticating your expected attendance and a Press Conference schedule. Normal citizens of the New World are also encouraged to attend. You will not be able to ask questions, but your question may be asked by a newspaper editor. No RSVP is necessary for normal citizens.

I, for one, will be participating in this project and I greatly encourage all of my readers to do the same. A list of important links can be found below.


Official Site: http://erepx.com

Developer Blog I:


Developer Blog II:


Developer Blog III:


Developer Blog IV:


-Administrative Team-

Chief Executive Officer: Chesehead

Chief Operating Officer: Lobackii

Chief Technological Officer: Michael Darm

Chief Financial Officer: Alex Lawrence

Chief Litigation Officer: Harrison Richardson

Chief Marketing and Relations Officer: Alexander Levi

Marketing and Relations Officer: Refstag

Graphics and Media Designer: Jan Baykara

If you like what I'm writing, please subscribe and check some of my past articles:

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Sorry about my bad english.

Don't cheat!!

Remember, this is a game.



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