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Travanj 2010. - Two minds are better than one Empty Travanj 2010. - Two minds are better than one

Postaj  tajnoime on 13/4/2010, 21:35

Hello eUSA

This is my first article in eUSA and sorry for my bad english because I come from eCroatia. I don't intend to write about how EDEN is right, eUSA is wrong and how you weren't good allies (which I personnaly don't think). I'll leave that to Phoenix trolls, hope you can recognize them.

There is no need to explain this current situation about eUSA leaving EDEN again. You decided to leave EDEN and it is only yours righteous personal decision. Let's look to the future which can go either way depending on us - players of EDEN and Brolliance. If we become enemies and start to fight each other, there can be only one winner - Phoenix.
I sincerly hope that our leaders aren't so stupid that they will try to invade some Brolliance country because of the resources like titanium in v2. This would be very wrong and foolish at many different levels, but it can be expected from Phoenix (probably eUK). So let's think of another solution for this situation:

2 friendly alliances

Yes, it's pretty much the main idea in this article. Instead of stupidly defying each other we could cooperate together as two different alliances. This doesn't have to be the end. eFrance and eGermany will liberate themselfs completely very soon and we may then be on target for Phoenix who surely wants a revenge for our recent domination. And don't get me wrong but Brolliance will be the main target because of the high diamond (titanium) regions in eAustralia and eCanada who are too weak to defend themselfs from very strong and united Phoenix as it is now.

So I suggest that we work together separately. Two military headquarters fighting for same goal. EDEN was big and thus unefficient monocentric alliance so this separation could help us all. It's much easier to fight on multiple front with two alliances versus one. One can concentrate on Asian front for example, and other can fight better in Europe. It is clearly the best solution for this crisys and probably the end of it.

Please ignore trolls and enemy propaganda which goal is to set us apart (divide et impera) so that they could defeat us rule the world. This senseless argue between ePoland and eUSA can only destroy us both. Have you ever thought how good it could be when ePoland could swap through eUSA and then invade Hellokitty and Lionking along with eUSA ?

Please think wisely and do not burn bridges behind you, because you never know when you could need you allies again. Remember: The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

cofi41 - member od EDEN and friend of Brolliance

P.S. Please reconsider this Bosnian singer Ekrem Jevrić for Grammy Award which he clearly deserves for his epic evergreen Kuća poso (House work) from album Gospoda (The Gentlemens) in which he sings about American way of life and his ideological cultural beliefs.


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