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Postaj  tajnoime on 27/4/2010, 17:29

Umjesto standardnih vojnih izvještaja odlučio sam odgovoriti na članak Battalgazija, jednog od najjačih igrača svijeta. Tekst je pisan za njega i Phoenix na engleskom pa uživajte.

This is a response to your article in which it seems that you don't understand why eRomania and eCroatia have attacked eHungary which is very risky and probably suicidal move for us.

So I feel obligated to explain you this action and croatian mentality. I can speak only for Croatians and this is my personal point of view and it is not my intention to offend anyone, just to explain you and other nations something about eCroatians.

It all started when Phoenix offered us your famous ultimatum in which you have demanded betrayal of our allies and NAP with eHungary which we declined.

Than eHungary invaded eCroatia which then had only 1 MPP with eSpain and was totally bankrupt because of infamous PTO which was so devastating that admins after that decided to create citizenship so that PTO-s like these should never happen again.
But even in that situation we managed to defend ourselfs and in many further attempts both eHungary and eSerbia failed to conquer eCroatia and it would stay the same if we didn't attack eHungary and activated Phoenix MPP-s against us.

In this chaotic WW5 we took our chances to prove everyone that eHungary is not untouchable force even now and more importantly, we fight for our pride.

We conquered most of the eHungary in this few days and that makes me proud that I am eCroatian. Yes, eHungary will surely liberate themselfs and this time probably successfully invade eCroatia and delete us from the map, but that sweet taste of victory will remained untouched within us, even when cynical Serbs will mock at us.

If you don't believe me, asks you Serbians friends why they celebrate a RL battle after which they have lost their independence and you see the similarity ?

This game always circulates and those who are winners today will be loosers tomorrow (and vice versa) but some memories like these will live forever in our e-hearts !

eHungary fights for a region which name they can't even pronounce

eCroatia fight for pride and honour !

With all due respect for you BattalGazi


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