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Travanj 2010. - he times they are a changin Empty Travanj 2010. - he times they are a changin

Postaj  tajnoime on 8/5/2010, 17:47

On behalf of the Singapore Government I would like to kindly inform you about our draft of NAP.

We have done fruitful negotiations both with feherloa and with zoli. They admitted that it was a good draft. They asked for some concessions, such as higher penalties and asked for permission for signing MPP with Serbia, what's more, even with Russia! We've written them in it. Then we got to know that there are numerous people, even in the government, who couldn't realize its advantages, what's more, they came forward impossible demands, such as paying to them enormous amount of HUF.

Let me tell you what the opposite of Non-Agression Pack is: war. We don't want to invade Hungary, but would like to prevent it to fight on the side of the Serbia and Russia. That's why we can't allow to make an MPP with them. This is one possibility. The other is destroying all the hospitals of Hungary which prevent it to fight for a longer period and it will be expensive to rebuild.

I have tried to convince Hungary several weeks ago to compensate China for the suffering you caused to them. Hungarian people have refused it. That's why we already started burning your q5 hospital and q5 defense systems
Hungary can avoid getting destroyed all its hospital by thinking wise.
Note: there is a little boundary between being traitor and being wise. But deciding with anger is definitely not wise, but...



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