Sijecanj 2010. - Congressional elections, Interview with President of ePoland, Guide for newsman

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Sijecanj 2010. - Congressional elections, Interview with President of ePoland, Guide for newsman Empty Sijecanj 2010. - Congressional elections, Interview with President of ePoland, Guide for newsman

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Congressional elections || Interview with President of ePoland || What every reporter should know

I present you a new, redesigned version of eSentinel. I hope you will like it.

Congressional elections

Monday, January 25th - Day 797 of the New World. Another Congressial elections are in front of us. Choose wisely because the people you elect will lead your country next month. They can change taxes, vote for new MMP's, donate money from your country account and even impeach your President. Because of that vote for official candidates of your party to prevent PTO of your Congress.

In specific case of eCroatia allow your reporter to express his opinion and invite all eCroatians to vote for HDS candidates. Smile

Interview with President of ePoland

eSentinel: Hello!
Cerber: heya ;D

eSentinel: At last Smile
eSentinel: It is not easy to contact you!?
Cerber: not through pm ingame
eSentinel: You must be contacted from a lot of players...
Cerber: I receive over 30 pm daily

Cerber:so, interview, right?
eSentinel: That's right

eSentinel: ePoland had many RW recently?
Cerber: 12 started at once
eSentinel: Do you think that PHOENIX stands behind this?
Cerber: of course Wink
Cerber: we have even seen donations from their org right before RWs started
eSentinel: Property of which country citizens were that organizations?
Cerber: As far as I know it were Russian

eSentinel: You lost 2 German regions in those RW's. Will you try to recapture them?
Cerber: there is no need for that. We achieved our targets: erased Germany, gained high grain, gained high wood

eSentinel: Did your allies helped you fight against rebels?
Cerber: Of course, every EDEN nation was there to help us, without it we would surely lose more regions
eSentinel: In your opinion which ally helped you most?
Cerber: I am sure that every country did what they could to help, however Croatians are famous in EDEN for their mobile troops. Wink
eSentinel: It is nice to hear that. Smile

eSentinel: You still control a big piece of Europe. Are you satisfied with that or there will be more expansions?
eSentinel: Maybe in Asia?
Cerber: We have a country with a huge potential, we will get stronger and stronger, so it is just a matter of time when ePL will reach for more.

eSentinel: ePoland have over 60 000 citizens. Do you think there is a room for new population growth?
Cerber: Hahaha, of course there is, we constantly have around 1500 new citizens daily. It was beyond everyone's imagination, before it happened. As for now, I think we can reach 100k people in ePL. Very Happy
eSentinel: What is your secret? How you manage that?
Cerber: Well, there is no secret. Poland is lucky to have a huge internet society, so whenever we manage to get eR ad posted somewhere, we have baby boom Wink

eSentinel: Both ePoland and eSpain are EDEN members but in last few days you had some wars. What is going on?
Cerber: Oh, either it was region swapping or small training battles if we had no battle on a day.
eSentinel: So there is no tensions between eSpain and ePoland?
Cerber: Not at all Smile
Cerber: Our relations with Spain are strong, I really appreciate our cooperation in Germany/France

eSentinel: eSerbia occupied Sofia. What is the further plan?
Cerber: I can't share such informations Wink

eSentinel: Newspapers are buzzing about joined EDEN attack on UK. They say that eUSA and eCanada will attack form west, eSweden from east, eSpan and ePoland from south. eSweden and eCanada have already attacked. Will ePoland join the attack?
Cerber: When it will be time to do so and it will fit into EDEN's strategy, of course we will Smile

eSentinel: Not every country chosen between EDEN and PHOENIX. Some of them remained neutral. Is it really possible to be neutral country in eR?
Cerber: Not if you border any Phoenix country. They were always using neutral countries to their interest by force.

eSentinel: For which PHOENIX country you have the most respect?
Cerber:In eR I respect all Phoenix countries on the same level - I don't mind them being erased from the map Smile

eSentinel: Recently one thing raised up a big dust in eCroatia. Even a Presidential impeach was proposed. It was about 150 gold that eCroatia recived for helping ePoland. What can you say about that?
Cerber: That it was not necessary. I think it's best to read our MOD's article if anyone has questions Smile

eSentinel: For the end do you have some message for our readers, especially in eCroatia?
Cerber: Sure. I want to say that I love Croatia, love Croatians and will always love

eSentinel: Thanks for your time. I wish all the luck to you and ePoland!
Cerber: Smile
Cerber: thanks

What every reporter should know

What a write about:

There are many things you can write about. But the main and basic rule is - do not write about RL (real life). The past has shown that these articles do not get enough attention and their authors give up soon.

Some things you can write:

- References to articles from abroad
- References to military events abroad
- Comparison of your and other countries
- Reviews on the political situation in the your country
- Calls for humanitarian action, and similar projects
- Promotion of your congressional candidacy, party or movement
or anything else you think is original and interesting enough

10 golden rules for every e-reporter:

1. Do not open the newspaper, if you have nothing to say
2. Do not write about RL
3. Persist! Do not give up after two articles (if you have already invested your gold in this).
4. Ignore evil critics... There are always those who want your destruction but if you are really good reporter, it will be a lot more positive comments
5. One article per day is more than sufficient
6. Copy-paste is not recommended - rather write your own review and give link to original article
7. Use tags, add pictures - nobody wants to read "dry text"
8. Do not insult others - you can earn a ban, and it is not polite
9. If your articles get lots of compliments in homeland, consider releasing your newspapers in the neighbor countries
10. Be patient. Nobody got a medal through the night!

Much more about how to be a good reporter you can learn here (in Croatian language).

Most of this chapter is taken from the Bosnian newspaper that is linked above

Don't forget to vote and subscribe. Smile)


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