Travanj 2010. - To our Spanish Friends and Brothers

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Travanj 2010. - To our Spanish Friends and Brothers Empty Travanj 2010. - To our Spanish Friends and Brothers

Postaj  tajnoime on 21/4/2010, 00:30

What to say about our dear friends from Spain? Our friendship was born a long time ago when we went to Spain to help you chase away the French from your homeland. You have responded by helping us to defend Slavonia and NW Croatia from Serbia and Hungary and you have earned our eternal gratitude and respect. How to forget all those joint EDEN actions that we all took place in? The conquering of France and Germany, the battle for UK...We stood as one against common enemy: in victory and defeat.

I'm writing this to you worried about the rumors that seem to get more and more founded. I can't imagine, and I hope neither can you, Spain fighting on the same side with Serbia and Hungary. I don't think that it's the right answer to problems that you might have with EDEN. Everything can and will be sorted out through unity agreement.

People of eCroatia have spoken: we don't want to participate in any Phoenix offers no matter how tempting they might be!

People of eSpain: it's time to decide!!! Raise your voice and don't let this happen!!!

As our President wrote: Together we stand - together we fall!


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