Travanj 2010. - It is time to prepare the really Baby Boom

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Travanj 2010. - It is time to prepare the really Baby Boom Empty Travanj 2010. - It is time to prepare the really Baby Boom

Postaj  tajnoime on 8/5/2010, 18:06

Hello Guys ,

In the last days i am working hard to become ideas about the new Baby Boom.
I have last time in the newspaper read that more than 1 million people in Austria use Facebook, and than i become the idea that Facebook is the perfect media to enlarge story about erepublik and eAustria. First i will say that i will give from every man that register to erepublik over my Link and come to Lvl 6 i would pay 2 gold to the ACB. I have maked a fan page with the name eÖsterreich das stärkste Land in der Welt what mean eAustria the strenghest Land in the World.

Now i need from our existing Austrian people only one MINUT and your Facebook Profil not more !!!

1. Go to the following Fan page
2. Klick on "become Fan".
3. Klick now on "suggest to Friends".
4. Now when the list ist open you should copy the following link in the adress bar where you writte the link from a web page like etc..:

javascript:elms=document.getElementById('friends').getElementsByTagName('li');for(var fid in elms){if(typeof elms[fid] === 'object'){[fid]);}}

it looks like them :

5. Now Klick on enter

6. After all friends are marked blue klick on "send invitations"

With this method you have invited all friends to become fan of eÖsterreich das stärkste Land in der Welt. I would there often send invitations Link to Erepublik and hope that a lot of people would come to the game and help us to become Austria bigger and bigger. I would from every player that come to the level 6 donate to ACB 2 Gold. and from every Medal 3 Gold.

I will not to become only a vote i need the people that would invite people to the game if you not wanna help me than dont give me a vote. I hope the project would success.

I think that this is not a problem for everybody to do the six steps, the time is come to make a action like this.
Come guy's lets go to facebook invite our friends and help eAustria ...!!!

P.S. it would be good that every body read about erepublik anything on the fanpage but dont spam only with our refferal links.

Sincerely ,
Djani Ujkan Marich

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