Studeni 2009 - Interview with eGreece president - Che Greco

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Studeni 2009 - Interview with eGreece president - Che Greco Empty Studeni 2009 - Interview with eGreece president - Che Greco

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Hello my dear friends.
First of all, sorry for my bad english.
This is interview with your president, Che Greco.
Well enough talk. Here is an interview.

Describe your way from ebirth to president position in eGreece.
I joined the game in the beginning of the year. Back then there was no eGreece on the map, completely occupied by eTurkey and there were very few Greeks in the game. Shortly we gathered together and able to start a RW and with the help of many countries we were able to free our country. Since then I had many positions in the Greek government, from ambassador to eArgentina to Minister of Defense and today President.

What do you think about new rules about MPP? Can you handle the all expenses?
I don't think the new MPP rules make much sense. Right now Greece can afford these MPPs because of a healthy economy. The countries that really get affected are the smaller countries that really can't afford to pay 100 gold for each MPP. This means, they will be more susceptible to an attack and in essence the game turns from a strategy game to a war game.

Last days a few important PEACE countries leave PEACE. What do you think about all that?
PEACE could no longer sustain itself because it was ignoring some of its members. This is what happens with mega alliances (like ATLANTIS) and this is why EDEN works well. We put member nations interestes together instead of just those of a few. I think some former PEACE nations will start forming ties with EDEN nations while others will create another PEACE-like alliance.

What will happen next with war alliances in your opinion?
Like I said before this game is becoming a war game instead of a strategy game with the new rules so we will probably see more wars. This is why Indonesia attacked Malaysia. THey have 26 MPPs now but they probaby wont be able to pay 2600gold/month to maintain them so Indonesia is probably not as worried anymore about activating MPPs. I also believe we will see stronger nations becoming stronger, since the smaller ones will not be able to afford enough MPPs to protect themselves.

What do you think of eCroatia?
eCroatia was one eGreece's first friends after our liberation. Whenever we would start our RWs eCroatia always woud come down to fight. I don't know if it's because eSerbs were fighting against us or because they wanted to help but either way their help was very appreciated and in return they gained a very close ally.

How is situation between EDEN and eGreece rigth now?
eGreece is a full and active member of EDEN. When EDEN was formed, eGreece still maintained its neutrality but after continuous attacks from PEACE we knew there was no neutrality any more so we became official members. eCroatians were the first countries asking us to become EDEN members and for this we are very appreciative.

Would you candidate for contry presidency again?
I don't think so. Last term I stated this woud be my last term. Unless I think it is absolutely necessary for my country to continue as president I will not run again. It's a lot of work, requires near to 24 hour activity and frankly it's not as fun as other positions in this game like being in the army.

Where do you see eGreece in about six months?
If things go the way they are going now and continue to go the way we hope I think eGreece will be in an even better position than it is now. Of course many things can change and a new war and economy module can mess things up but I am optimistic about my country's future.

Do you know what is ZDRUG?
ZDRUG is a unit of the eCroatian army. All old eGreeks know what ZDRUG is: they are those avatars that would always fight RED in our old RWs

Would you like to say something to eCroats or eGreeks?
The first question noob eGreeks have when they come to the game is "Why are we not allies with eSerbia?," since RL Serbia and Greece have stronger relations than most countries. I don't like it when RL hate issue become part of the game even though it happens often. To eCroatians, who I have fought for and will continue to fight for in this game, I want them to know that ifthey bring RL hatred in game against Serbs then they are also insulting their good friends and allies in eGreece (of course same goes to eSerbia). To eGreeks I want to say, eCroatia has been our closest friend and ally since the beginning and for this I am grateful. We have fought many times with eCroatia in the past and in the future I see many more fights together Smile

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Version in eCroatia on croatian language. LINK
Please vote it up. Thank you.
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That's all folks.
Thank you for reading this.
Greetings from Croatia.
Plese Tomislav.


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